8 Best Fitness and Workout Apps

Charity Miles
Why use it: Support a cause while sticking to your fitness goals.

Lose It!
Why use it: Useful for keeping track of caloric intake and exercises for when you are trying to lose weight.

Map My Fitness
Why use it: An app that helps you keep track of your walking, running, or cycling routes and the distances you have covered.

Why use it: This app helps you keep track of your diet, specifically your caloric intake, the types of food you eat, the calories you burn for the type of exercise you do, goal weight, progress, and so much more.

Why use it: This app is not for the slacker. Or at the very least, it will make you think twice about slacking off since you have to pay up for every workout pact that you miss.

Why use it: Helps you keep track of your outdoor activities like biking, running, or walking.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout
Why use it: A no-excuses approach to fitness with workouts and exercises that you can squeeze in for a few minutes anytime of the day.

The Walk
Why use it: Spice up your walk by adding a touch of adventure. This app features stories that include instructions for users to complete certain tasks during a walk.