Top reasons to own a PlayStation Console

There were times when the only games that existed were outdoor games that required physical effort and a source of fun for both young and adults. Then technology geniuses thought of indoor game play and created video games which gradually nourished and is today a multi-million dollar industry. The eighties were all about Super Mario and Donkey Kong which are considered two of the best games of that era. Then came the nineties and turned everything upside down by introducing high tech graphics and simulation gaming.

If you’re a hardcore gamer, chances are you either own or have experienced game play on this super hit console, which to this day remains a favorite among gamers worldwide. The PlayStation was launched in Japan, by Sony Interactive Entertainment in December 1994 and was one of a kind simulation gaming console which was an idea that became the benchmark for many other manufacturers to come up with their own concepts and creations.  Success followed right after the original launch as it sold around 100 million units. This record was broken by the second generation of PS consoles which launched in the year 2000 and sold more than 155 million units worldwide, winning the title of the best-selling gaming console to this date. The third installment of the successful series, the PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006 and has sold over 80 million units worldwide. The last of the bunch is PlayStation 4 which proudly owns the title of the fastest selling gaming console in the world with an astonishing sale of 1 million consoles gone just after 24 hours of its release. It’s been 4 years since it released and now rumors are rife that Sony is preparing for the 5th generation of the console which should come out sometime during 2020.

Yet for those who are still wondering why they should get one probably don’t know much about the features of this best seller that make it stand out from the crowd. PlayStation is more than just a gaming console now. It is your doorway to superb quality cable service known as Vue, which is reliable and affordable and can be downloaded directly on the console. Users can select from a set of subscription packages and watch their favorite channels along with having the ability to record shows for later viewing. The PS game library has a gigantic collection to choose from and there are certain games like Rachet and Clank and Street Fighter V which are exclusively available for PS 4 and no other console. The DualShock 4 controller has been incorporated with an audio jack so gamers can hear every sound through headphones and better indulge in the experience. No need to install fancy equipment or home theatre systems for good sound quality. Price is also a factor that has kept PlayStation on the top. Sony has strategically priced its creations which add up to a difference of almost $100 as compared to its rivals, which is why audiences gravitate towards the more affordable option because they’re getting the same features and specs. Last but not the least, the PlayStation has always been on the lighter side when it comes to weight and a compact size that easily fits into a television cabinet and can be carried around while travelling.

All in all, the PlayStation series has earned a reputation and deservedly so, that no other gaming console has been able to shake.As Sony continues to please its loyal gamers, chances are the PlayStation 5 is already bound to be the next big thing. has this story covered a lot more in-depth if you want to read it.