Eating More Mindfully


Your food choices can make or break your fitness goals. Eating mindlessly can derail you from getting the results you want. Whether you are trying to keep a healthy weight or lose some excess pounds, working out is not enough to get it done. You have to pay equal attention to your diet. If you want to succeed at whatever fitness-related goal you have set your sights on, you can complement your workouts with mindful eating habits that allow you to get the nutrients you need from the foods you eat.

Keep track of your diet. You do not have to keep counting calories to keep track of your diet. What is more important is to take note of what and how much you eat. Are you getting the right nutrition from the food you eat? Do you keep your meals balanced? What do you eat for snacks? These are just some of the questions you may want to ask yourself to evaluate how your diet supports your fitness routines.

Eat smart when dining out. Planning healthy meals is not a breeze when you have to depend mostly on fast food outlets or restaurants. But if you have no other options available, you have to make do with what you have albeit by choosing more smartly. Learn at least the basic nutritional guidelines to help you make smarter choices. Know which food and drinks you need to avoid when dining out. Check the menu thoroughly so you can weigh your options better. Pick balanced meals preferable the one prepared using natural ingredients. When buying packaged foods, read the labels and avoid anything with solid fats, sugary, or have high sodium content.

Put more color in your plate. Adding more natural and colorful food on your plate can be good for you. Make sure that you have at least four to five different colors from healthy, natural ingredients. Leafy greens and other vegetables as well as a fruits are excellent sources of nutrients that come in a wide array of colors.

Watch out for high-calorie drinks. What you drink impacts your diet. No matter how much you cut back on unhealthy eating, empty calories from some beverages still add up to your daily caloric intake. Be mindful of what you drink as much as you would on what you eat. Apart from water, choose beverages that pack more nutrients than sweeteners. Pick juices made from fresh fruits or vegetables. Pass up on the sweeteners, artificial or otherwise. Find alternative ways to enjoy your coffee, tea, or juices without indulging in too much sweeteners just to add more flavor to you drink.

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